14 September 2012


A pond in Drenthe, the Netherlands

This pond seems to be new, probably a result of recent sand mining. Though it looks tranquil, there were several warning signs about treacherous slopes and swimming dangers.

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13 September 2012

Another Hunebed

Hunebed, Borger

After last week's photos of a hunebed (here and here) I have one more hunebed photo to share. It's another hunebed, but also in Borger (the village Borger likes to present itself as the nation's hunebed capital). This one is actually part of the Dutch hunebed museum, located in (you guessed it) the village Borger.

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11 September 2012

A canal in Drenthe

Buinen-Schoonoord Canal

A small, apparently disused, canal in the Dutch province Drenthe. I took this photo just outside the village Borger. The name of the canal is Buinen-Schoonoord Canal, presumably because it runs between the villages Buinen and Schoonoord. (I guess the people of Drenthe are not overly inventive when it comes to naming their canals.)

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07 September 2012

05 September 2012

Hunebed 2

Hunebed near Borger, Drenthe, the Netherlands

Another shot of the Borger hunebed. This time a glimpse from the inside of the hunebed, underneath the stones.

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04 September 2012


Hunebed, Borger, Drenthe

A hunebed, near the village Borger. A hunebed is a megalithic grave monument. There are many of them in and around Drenthe, but none in the rest of the country. They are around 4000 years old.

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02 September 2012



This week I will share a couple of photos of a photo hike I did last month in Drenthe, a rural province in the north of the Netherlands. We start today at the village Exloo.

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