31 August 2012


African elephant

The last photo of our zoo trip is an elephant. An African elephant, of the genus Loxodonta.

If you like my zoo photos, there are a few more at my blog.

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29 August 2012

Brown bear

Brown bear

Another photo from our zoo visit. Today's photo is a brown bear, in the bear forest. From the zoo's website:

In the Bear Forest, brown bears which were formerly mistreated now live a carefree life. They share a two-hectare wooded plot with the wolves. The features include a waterfall, rocks and a pond. A unique project!

In the Bear Forest, the natural habitat of the bears is copied as much as possible, to encourage them to behave naturally. The residents of the forest have the company of a number of wolves. They are given a varied, seasonal diet, based on what is available in the wild.

The Bear Forest was initiated by Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen and Alertis, the fund for bear and nature conservation.

We saw plenty of brown bears in the bear forest, but unfortunately no wolves.

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28 August 2012


Greater Rhea

The second photo from our zoo trip. A greater rhea (also known as nandu). Not an ostrich, as many zoo visitors thought. The greater rhea originates in South America.

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27 August 2012



This week I'll share a few photos that I took in a Dutch zoo. We went there on a family outing, so most of my photos are family photos (not shared here), but I also have a couple of animal photos.

Let's start at the aquarium. Apparently this is a pterois volitans, or red lionfish. A venomous fish from the Indo-Pacific region, but nowadays also found in the Caribbean.

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24 August 2012

War cemetery

War cemetery, Overveen

In the dunes of the Dutch National Park Zuid-Kennemerland, near the town Overveen, is a small cemetery. Buried here are mostly members of the Dutch resistance movement who did not survive the second world war.

Members of the resistance movement who were caught were often executed by a firing squad. In this region, the executions usually took place somewhere in the dunes. The bodies were left behind, or buried at the spot. After the war the bodies were collected and reburied at a new cemetery in the dunes.

Among the people buried here are a few people of renown (at least in Holland), like Hannie Schaft, Gerrit van der Veen and Walraven van Hall.

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23 August 2012

Street light

Street light in Utrecht

I saw this street light, decorated with flowers, on the Oude Gracht street in Utrecht. The bird in the background was not planned, but I do like it, so I left it in.

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22 August 2012

Stadhuisbrug, Utrecht

Stadhuisbrug, Utrecht

The Oude Gracht (litt. Old Canal) in Utrecht. The bridge in the background is the Stadhuisbrug (litt. City Hall Bridge). The building behind the bridge, with the flags, is the city hall.

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21 August 2012

20 August 2012

Work in progress in Amsterdam Central Station

A new tunnel in Amsterdam Central Station

When I was at Amsterdam Central Station a few days ago, work was underway to create a new pedestrian tunnel. Only two rail tracks were closed at a time, so that the station could still be used. I could not access the part of the station where the work was going on, but I still managed a few shots with my pocket camera through the barrier.

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17 August 2012

15 August 2012

A path in the dunes

A path in the dunes, Kennemerduinen, Holland

A sand path into the dunes, in the national park Zuid-Kennemerland, near the town Overveen.

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13 August 2012

Another snail

Snail closeup photo

I showed you a photo of a snail, a few weeks ago. As I said then, there were lots of snails along the path, large and small.

I like today's photo more than the previous one, because the snail is more detached from the background. What do you think?

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09 August 2012

Cow parsley

Cow parsley

I'm pretty sure this is cow parsley, also known as anthriscus sylvestris or Queen Anne's lace. If I look back at the previous photo I think it was the same flower, but I'm not sure - I also see small differences.

I don't know what insects are crawling all over the flowers (but I do know what the ones in the middle are doing...). If you recognize them please leave a comment.

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07 August 2012

White flower

Cow parsley

I think this is cow parsley, but I'm not completely sure. Do you know what it is, dear reader? If so, please leave a comment!

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06 August 2012



A closeup photo of a beautiful thistle that I found along the footpath.

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03 August 2012

Lake in the dunes

Lake in the dines, Zuid-Kennemerland, Holland

A small lake in the dunes, in the national park Zuid-Kennemerland, near the North Sea coast.

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02 August 2012

Meer en Berg

Meer en Berg, Bloemendaal

This former manor house is called Meer en Berg (litt. Lake and Mountain). In the 19th century this was part of a lunatic asylum, in the 20th century it became a psychiatric hospital. The monumental building is not used anymore, and (as far as I could tell from this side of the fence and barbed wire) it is neglected and decaying.

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